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19th April 2024 
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Courses with Complete Angel

Welcome to the space for Guidance, Healing Courses and clearing the blocks that may hold you back

Changes are happening all around the world. There is a way of dealing with the impact to lift yourself above the unpleasant and still keep a balance within yourself. In fact it is vital you do.

Balance is the key, for me I call in the Angels and ask for their support in my challenges so I can remain calm. It does not make me perfect but it truly helps me stay calm.

Many years ago I was asked to lead Angel Workshops by Spirit. And so I did. It became a magical journey of knowing I was supported always. It was up to me to remember that - and sometimes, in times of trouble, I simply forgot.

Then I would ground myself once again, say Sorry Angels and would be back in the knowing I was supported. Life would be simple, lighter, more joyful.

Since covid I have an Inner Knowing that the Angels are playing an important, vital role in humanity's life erasing the dross and helping us all, raising our vibration by helping others with Love and Acceptance. We have the chance to be more of who we truly are, Live in Love with Life. As we were so designed.

Angels are not fluffy! Lead by Archangel Michael they wait for your call. Call for Strength Courage and Protection plus whatever else you need.
NOW THE NEXT THING IS TO LISTEN! For your request is always answered, yet not necessarily in the way you expect!

If you need any help with the Angels please give me a call

Angel Workshops
The Angels guide you when you remember - ask for their guidance.
Gratitude for all the good, create your next moments and your fulfilled life.
Ask the angels to remind you.
They will show you a sign they are there.
They may send white feathers which appear magically, physically.
If you have asked for help then remember - look as well as listen for the answers - books falling in front of you with the open page showing the answer, hearing certain words spoken and then realising that is your answer!
The answers come, never be surprised as they will come in all ways! Mine once came as I switched on the radio, giving me the answer to a question I'd asked the previous day and another time when I switched on the TV!

Do You Love Unicorns? Are You ready to meet Your Unicorn? A day workshop to find the magic - call or complete the contact form and mention Unicorns healing or workshops

Personal Training for the Mind for when you are not sure which way to turn or you feel generally stuck with repeated patterns of thinking, creating your daily experience. Learn to let go of the old patterns of thought and create a new outcome with positive thoughts and feelings. Release your blocks and re-create you in your finest way, with step by step guidance.

Personal Training for your mind - Guided steps towards Peace and Harmony

The Universe is a beautiful creation of light, orchestrated in perfection. Light and sound creating in each moment. You are part of this creation, creating your own reality second by second, building the foundation of your future.

Your life is created by your thoughts, each thought is magnetic and attracts like to you. Positive thoughts attract positive events. What happens when you have a bad day or a time of lack in your life? You've guessed it - more of the same - when you put your focus there! The Universe is created so that you receive that which you are focused upon! So do not focus on other people's misfortunes either. Keep purer thoughts. No matter what happens in your life, there is always personal growth that comes from it.

Your world is a reflection of your thinking. You experience what you believe is true. As your vibration rises, your perception of your life changes and so you attract better outcomes of all situations. Make your journey more powerful, with guidance and a sense of fun. Personal Trainer for the Mind email contact form

  • Fill your Life with Light

    Reiki Classes Hampshire - Reiki Courses over one, two and three days. You can become a Teacher if you wish
    Reiki Hampshire - hours to suit you if you work shifts or unusual patterns
    Reiki Courses are offered each month for all levels from beginner to Teaching Master

    For your own healing Place your hands on yourself - Shoden Reiki for beginners 1 day - Foundation Course
    Level Okuden 1 day,
    Shinpiden for Teaching Master
    Reiki Courses Hampshire Reiki courses contact form

    Reiki Courses Great for Personal and Spiritual Development Reiki Courses email contact form

    AngelReiki is a powerful healing module, designed to heal yourself and others with the aid of the Archangels. It is very powerful and will help you release the new you that you have held within for so long. Is this your time? When the student is ready the teacher appears....

  • AngelReiki Classes Hampshire
    AngelReiki Courses and Classes in Hampshire for you, experience the true power of AngelReiki with Angels guiding you with each step, an amazing journey that opens you to the higher realms where Angels guide your healing.

    AngelReiki Courses for beginners - if you wish you may progress to
    AngelReiki Practitioner level and
    AngelReiki Teaching Master email contact form - please include subject/course you are interested in

    Whispering Angels have words of Wisdom to share

    Blessings Dear Ones
    We have come today to share with you our Blessings, our Love and our Grace. We see your anguish when life becomes a chore instead of the Joy it was and is destined to be.
    Take time my beloveds and sit quietly to contemplate the Love in your life, the beauty of nature, the wisdom of the trees. Sit beneath a tree and feel the love that emanates from the tree to all life. That my beloveds, is your work too.
    Come now, take a moment and settle. Believe in Peace, believe in Grace in this moment for there is no other at this time. Your blessings come easily when you know the love of Source. For Source is Love of all creation, the giver and receiver of all good.
    Love with all your heart, all people, all creation for it to return to you the love of all but many times stronger. There truly is only love. The rest is the creation of mankind when he forgets he is love.
    Blessings Divine Ones

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How To Be Spiritual

Spiritual development,  gently meet yourself -  one hour or one day - to a life time of understanding

  • Spiritual Development and Growth are now simple and easy with various Spiritual Workshops, Courses and spiritual awareness days, Angel workshops, information is given from St. Germain and various Ascended Masters. Try a Spiritual Weekend for peace, tranquility, love and laughter A day with Ascended Masters

    Spiritual Development days for you to explore how working with Angels and Beings of Light will enhance you and your world. Find ways to create a gentler life, bringing more love to yourself, your family and friends.

    Complete Angel is situated in between Portsmouth and Southampton near Lee-on-the-Solent, Stubbington and Gosport in Hampshire, near the M27. We can also be reached from Fareham and Portsmouth, Poole, Salisbury, Winchester, Southampton and Brighton quite easily via road, Motorway or rail, and also by ferry from the Isle of Wight. Where we are is not a problem as much of the work on fears and phobias can be fcarried out by phone! Call on 07824441014.

    Love health and healing at Complete Angel Stubbington Hill Head Fareham Hampshire UK