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19th April 2024 
Reiki & AngelReiki Courses Hampshire. holeinskybiscay

Reiki and AngelReiki Classes Hampshire

Reiki Classes Hampshire

Reiki is natural healing energy, an energy that can be passed through one person to another via the Divine energy that surrounds us, resulting in a feeling of absolute peace and harmony. You will be able to put your hands on yourself each day for self healing after completing a Reiki Shoden Course.

You can also help friends and family, plants and animals to feel more peace and happiness Reiki Courses email contact form

You will receive:

Reiki Certificate

You will experience

Meditations with explanation and experience of moving energy
Energy exercises
Cleansing your energy
Healing for yourself
Healing for others
Healing plants
Healing animals
Healing the Planet

Reiki Courses and Reiki Classes Every week, please call for info or email Reiki Courses email contact form and mention Reiki Shoden for beginners, Reiki Okuden for Practitioners and Reiki Shinpiden for Teaching Masters.

How to be spiritual - consider doing Reiki or AngelReiki for yourself, make the connection that instils confidence, joy and appreciation.

I received my Reiki 1 shoden on 18/2/2017. It was a profound experience. Rosalind made me feel utterly relaxed and joyous in her company and through this experience I have unlocked my souls purpose to this amazing energy to heal myself and others. I was in and still am in such a state of bliss and happiness and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. And am now saving for my Reiki 2 practitioner level degree.

Sasha eve Keeley 💜

Reiki Classes and Courses Hampshire

Dates are on the Events Page

Reiki Classes in Hampshire for those who cannot make a whole day, Reiki Courses with a one:one option.

Reiki one-to-one teaching with original teachings from Usui.

Reiki Level One Shoden
for beginners, no experience required, just an open heart. Hands on healing for yourself at this beginners level.

One day of simplicity, beauty and profound peace.

As you learn the art of Reiki you feel the inner peace spread throughout your body. It becomes a way of being as you place your hands on your body each day.

You are welcome to make a deposit/ full payment - book your place below

Original Reiki Shoden level I - Beginners Course for self healing and is also the first part of the Reiki Practitioner Course

Original Reiki I Course Shoden: Reiki Shoden Classess Hampshire Reiki I Shoden

Cost: £125 - deposit £60 balance £65 due iweek prior to the course. Reiki registration form pdf

This course comes complete with a fully comprehensive Reiki Shoden manual and certificate.

Weekends and weekdays are available, please call for information or to book your place

Times: 10am - 5pm Reiki Courses email contact form Venue: Hampshire

"Just a short note to thank you very much for today.

I was a bit apprehensive when I arrived about what was going to happen during the day and what might happen to me but you soon made me feel very welcome and at ease. What happened to me today was very powerful, much more so than I imagined it would be and I feel like a new chapter has opened in my life and I am looking forward to beginning to follow a new direction.
I had a great day also and can't wait to move on with Reiki. My knees were much better last night and this morning they did not hurt at all which is truly amazing, my back has also not ached at all today...fantastic, I haven't felt so well and mobile for a long time. Thank you."
MS Alresford

Pay a deposit or full payment

Testimonials from previous Courses

"I cannot stop smiling. It is like somebody has given me something really special and really precious. I now have to make sure I use it appropriately and kindly"!LS Fareham

"I have regained the peace that I used to have years ago".

"Blown away by the whole workshop".

"A life changing experience"!!

"I am still somewhere between WOW and I can’t believe it".

"Even better than expected"!

Reiki II Okuden

Reiki Okuden Level II Practitioner (after completing Reiki Shoden)

£199 - a deposit of £100 secures your place, The balance is due on the day of the course
Pay your deposit below to secure your place

  • Overview of Reiki II Degree (Okuden)
  • Meditations
  • 3 Reiju Empowerments to connect you deeper with the energy of Reiki
  • Symbols, drawing and meditating
  • Sounds used for healing from the Kotodama
  • Hands on experience
  • Using techniques to increase intuition - Reiji Ho
  • Distance Healing & sending to the future or past
  • Client Care
  • Health & Safety
  • Information on insurance for Reiki
  • Keeping Records
  • Form design
  • Space Clearing

    Reiki 2nd Degree (Okuden) info please Please call me if you would like to ask any questions. You can do Reiki level I and II together if you prefer.

    If you feel you are ready for your adventure with Reiki Okuden (Practitioner) please call Rosalind on
    07824441014 for any information that you require or to book your place

    "Since doing my Reiki 1 and 2 and having healing with Ros, I have experienced a big shift in my energy, i feel a lot lighter and brighter as if the darker heavier energy has been lifted from me. As a result of this it seems that i am now attracting more positive experiences and more positive people into my life. Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable now!"

    Reiki Okuden Testimonial
    "A wonderful weekend in a wonderful environment. The course was magical and I would highly recommend experiencing it for yourselves. You couldn't ask for more from a Reiki Master - people that guide you and believe in you. A big thank-you"!
    Nicky W Locksheath

    Shinpiden Teaching Master

    Certificated Masters/Teachers Course Shinpiden complete with Manual and certificate

    (also one:one teaching is available at no extra cost, please call for details). If you prefer a date/s in the week please call me to arrange a date that suits you.

    Date: Book a date to suit yourself, flexible times.

    Times: 10:00 - 17:00, 19:00 - 21:30 over evenings, mornings or afternoons

    Cost £444.00 a deposit of £222.00 will secure your place and the balance is payable one week prior to fhe course. Email

    A course for you to teach Reiki with simplicity and integrity using the spiritual techniques that Mikao Usui taught to his students.

    2 days with ongoing teaching (experiencing Reiki Shoden 1st, and Okuden 2nd Degree teaching classes/courses) with continuing support

    Venue: Fareham Hampshire

    Reiki Teaching Master Course info (please put Reiki Teaching Master info in the subject line of your contact form or why not give me a call)

    Reiki Teaching Master

    Reiki Shinpiden testimonial
    "I just wanted to say thank you for today. I am feeling really happy and much more at peace with myself. I am very pleased and excited that I am doing master teacher level with you and it feels really right".
    ED Hampshire

    Course details for Reiki Shinpiden
    Day 1
    Reiki Teaching/Master Course
  • Overview of the Course
  • Keeping to Usui Sensei's original system
  • The use of symbols
  • Students give Reiju Empowerment
  • The use of sacred sound with the Kotodama
  • Healing with the use of sound
  • Atunements/Initiations/Reiju Empowerments
  • 1st degree/2nd degree/Master-Teacher
  • Hands on session

    Day 2
  • Reiju Master-level Empowerment
  • Questions/answers
  • Review of Day 1
  • The Power of Intent
  • Healing using intent/visualisation
  • Hands on
  • Using intuition
  • Hands on
  • Reiju Empowerment
  • Reiju at 2nd degree
  • The benefits of Reiju empowerments
  • Experience and choose your preferred method

    The course is completed with a manual and certificate for Teaching/Master

    AngelReiki Info

    Complete AngelReiki is healing with the Angels and Reiki, a gift given by the Angels to me, channelled by my friend in Finland, Ulla Niskanen who was asked to give the information to me to teach. I am humbled to teach this method of healing. It is so beautiful.

    AngelReiki Courses and Classes in Hampshire PO14

    A combination of Original Reiki with the Angels and Archangels . Find that you have your Angels already with you and connect with them simply, daily for a peaceful way of living in harmony no matter what. From beginners, Practitioner AngelReiki 2nd Degree Course email contact form
    to Teaching Masters AngelReiki Teaching Master Course info

    Experience profound Peace
    Connect with the Angels
    Heal yourself
    Heal friends and family
    Understand more fully how you can play with the Angels
    Ask and it shall be given - know how to ask
    AngelReiki is a tool you can carry with you forever
    Feel Joy, contentment and happiness

    Pay a deposit or full payment

    AngelReiki Shoden 1st Degree beginners

    Week Days and Weekend Courses for AngelReiki - Evening classes are also available for AngelReiki

    Testimonial AngelReiki
    "Wow, I cannot believe how powerful this is!
    I am humbled."
    L. Fareham

    AngelReiki Beginners Course - two days
    AngelReiki Level One Course for beginners, no experience required! Leave with Angelic energy for your own healing and to help family members and friends. Or be a Practitioner and complete Levels 1 & 2.

    Please see Events Page for Details

    Cost:£222, deposit £111 the balance is to be paid one week prior to the course - The Course is completed with a manual and certificate

    Times:10am - 5pm AngelReiki Shoden 1st Degree beginners

    Venue: Hampshire

    Complete AngelReiki certificated Courses for finding your own power with guidance from the Angels and Archangels, one to one teaching at no extra cost

    Complete AngelReiki Shoden beginners Course - 2 Days

    Understand how to draw down Angelic Energy to enhance your own healing and healing for others.
    This course integrates Reiki Shoden with Archangels to bring the energy of the Angelic Realm into your healing. Be guided by your intuition, love and joy of the Angels.

    This course is for beginners and is also the first part/level required for the Practitioner Course. AngelReiki - Certificate and manual manual 

    AngelReiki - Beginners Deposit/Full Payment

    Complete AngelReiki - Levels 1, 2 3 - Costs from beginner to Teaching Master

    Level 1 - Two days AngelReiki for self healing and personal development, also the first part of the Practitioner Course Cost £222, Deposit £111 I would love the AngelReiki Shoden information please

    Level 2 - Two days AngelReiki Practitioner level Cost £333, Deposit £150 AngelReiki 2nd Degree Course email contact form you may also pay in instalments

    AngelReiki Practitioner

    Level 3 - Three days AngelReiki Teacher/Master level £555 Deposit £250 AngelReiki Teaching Master Course info

    AngelReiki Teaching Master

    Love health healing Reiki healing AngelReiki training peace AngelReiki Teaching Master, Reiki Teaching Master


    AngelReiki and Reiki Classes Hampshire - learn at a pace that suits you. AngelReiki Shoden 1st Degree beginners

    Please call Rosalind 07824441014 to ask any questions

    Please complete your registration form and send your deposit for your required course I would love the AngelReiki Shoden information please

    Complete AngelReiki

    AngelReiki and Reiki Classes Hampshire, Courses near Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Salisbury


Reiki & AngelReiki Courses Hampshire. ReikiShoden

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Reiki Classes Hampshire
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