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19th April 2024 

May Angel Messages

May 2017

Blessed Ones you are Joy in action, you are the Light you seek, you are the Beings of Light that transform thoughts into matter. You truly are Magnificent Beings of Light. Your Purpose is to share this with others through Love and Compassion.

Ask for help to do this if you need to. Trust in your greater powers that come from your Source, your I AM Presence.

There is One Energy, One Connection with All. You are that Connection, that Love, that Compassion.

What are you waiting for? Go in Peace Beloveds.

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May your minds shine with Love, your hearts glow with Happiness to fill your Being with utmost Joy. May you find the vibration that sets this in place by placing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Taste the Joy of Life and then share it with all. God Bless You.

522 Blessings Beloveds, belief in your Oneness with all Creation sets you apart from human discontent.

You know your Oneness is the mainstay of Harmony, Happiness and Joy that will lead you into your fullness of a Divine Being of Great Light; Your true Majesty, your Divine Blueprint in action.

Are you in your knowingness? We will guide you if you care to listen.

A step a day for the next 5 days. Go in Great Peace Beloveds for you have nothing to fear.

523 Step One:
Blessings Dear Ones, enter the Oneness to feel the vibration rise in your body and mind.

Do this simply by looking at something you find Beauty in, imagine it, feel it, let the energy ripple through your body, notice how it lifts your spirit as you keep your focus upon it.

You are raising your vibration to attract something of Beauty to you, a gift of Grace from the Universal Substance, the Cosmic Christ Love from the Great Central Sun.

524 Step Two:
Amazing Beings of Light I bid you Good day! May Peace be with you.

Focus today on what you truly desire and nothing less. Should you find your mind wandering, call upon the Great Fire Breath of Cosmic Christ Love to fill your mind with such Peace you can only feel the Heart’s Desire of Love and Compassion.

Feel and feel again the Love that created you to Create your Heartfelt Desires. Amazing Beings of Light enter into the Oneness as you Create your Perfection on Earth. Rise in Oneness knowing all pain is but of human origin. Call and call again from your Heart’s Love, see your spirits rise, see your pain fall away. Go in Grace Beloveds.

525 Step Three:
Beautiful Beings of Light, we thank you for your attention.

We the Brethren of the Light salute you for your appreciation of the messages of Light. They will be and are your journey to Ascension.

Focus now on the Light above you, see in your mind’s eye it cascading down around you and through you in a Protective field of Light, a Cosmic Substance that fills your Being with Perfection and Purity, Lighting the way Forward to Eternity.

Allow this Light to Penetrate each and every cell of your physical body, healing human error, Enlightening, Lifting the vibration to the highest level appropriate for you.

Share this Light of Grace with the Earth and her people knowing all Creation enters into the Oneness as you intend it is so. Stand in this Light of Grace with all, call in this Light for all, knowing you are Serving the Light of Oneness, Y O U are the Light.

Gather Harmony and Grace, fill your Being with the Miracle Oneness.

F E E L the Joy as All Mankind are Lifted upwards, repeat often. Go in Grace Beloveds, you have done well.

526 Step Four:
Blessed Day Beloved Ones. Your Blessings and Appreciation are your goal today.

In full consciousness live today only, think not of yesterday or tomorrow, simply today.

Bless everything that has happened to you, say a thank you for what has moved you forward towards what you desire for yourself and your loved ones. Think of the Joy you can create today as you give thanks and appreciation to each hour of your day.

This hour choose something that needs healing, perhaps a relationship, ask for the Divine Light, the Great Fire Breath of Cosmic Christ Love to fill yourself and the person within the relationship that needs healing.

See the Person and Yourself filled with the Light of Love, eradicating all errors of human thinking, feel the Light penetrating both bodies, all cells, sense the white and gold Light easing you both into Perfection and Purity.

Know you are truly an Amazing Being of Light, standing tall in your Power. Believe in a better day, a better week, a better month, a better year, a better life, created from Consciousness of your True Identity.

Thank you Beloveds, we appreciate your Love and Wisdom. Go in Evolvement.

527 Step Five:
Blessed Ones, we thank you for staying with the five steps. The fifth step is Acceptance of what is.

Know that every step you take is to be more in your Oneness, to evolve into your Purity, your Perfection as a Divine Being of Light.

Consciously choose the path of no struggle, acceptance of what is, as you created what is right now.

Listen to your thoughts today in each and every moment. They are the precursor to your actions and therefore your tomorrow. As you accept what is now, you will find yourself feeling ease of being, you creating a better today and tomorrow.

You live within a magical Universe, an evolving Universe of Perfection. From today thank each event, each person for their insight, yourself for your learning and understanding, for all you have attracted, so you might listen and pay attention to your thoughts, knowing they will take you to more Perfection and Purity or the opposite.

There truly is only Love, all else is mankind’s errors of thought. Let Love guide your way, think in Love, act in Love, Accept in Love, then there can only be Love in your tomorrows. Go with God Blessed Ones, walking into the Oneness, holding hands with Love.

Blessings Beloved Ones, today create a space for a few minutes.

Look at nature, if not near you then in your mind.

Focus on the beauty, the radiance of the flowers, the trees, the atmosphere, see with eyes of Love and watch as all comes to life.

Believe in the Magic of Life, the Oneness, the flow.

When you struggle to see the Lighter side of Life it vanishes, when you see with Eyes of Love everything takes on a higher vibration of Life, of Love, as the vibration rises it becomes Lighter, carrying more Light.

As you see with Love your life Lights up and you attract to you that which matches your vibration. Light is key, Love is key. Create your space each day with just 5 minutes of gratitude for the beauty you perceive and watch your day shine back its Light to you.

Go in Peace Beloveds to see your Heart glow.

529 Blessed Ones today we speak of Peace.

It is within your heart you feel the beauty of nature, your eyes water at the sight of great beauty and you know there is a force that is beyond your comprehension.

Today take time to look at nature, to feel the Peace as you do.

Watch the birds as they come and go, feeding their young. See how they complete their tasks with joy. Know how they feel Peace as they do their flights of Love.

Love is behind all nature, it the healing balm that brings you your Peace.

Take a walk in nature and be in the moment to find your Peace as you look with eyes of Love and Gratitude.

Feel the Peace rise in your chest, feel your heart full of Love. Congratulations Beloved, you are home.